A successful combination of friendliness and discovery of heritage in the 



Tell me your wishes. With almost 20 years of experience  in cultural mediation, I know how to become a special partner  for you and to assist you on all your project in my area. So don't hesitate to contact me I'll surely indicate you the perfect adresses that will make your stay in the Rhône valley  Rhône an unforgettable experience.

Moreover, my collaboration with several tourist offices and my certifications by the surrounding " Pays d'art et d'histoire " ( national institutions on local heritage promotion) brought me to work on multiple towns and villages

Therefore, making a exhaustive list of all of them would be far too long. 

However, in order to give you a proper idea on potential visits, here is a selection of commonly asked visits.

But be aware that many other destinations are possible . Please contact me for any request. I can work on any tailor-made visits you have in mind. 


Reminder : This map is purely given on indicative basis and far non-comprehensive. It does not reflects  the whole of the services I can offer you. Please contact me for any tailor-made requests or concerning non-listed site. 

Click on a destination to get more information.

Info : The descriptions are for the moment in french only but I'm working on translating them. Sorry for the inconvenience.



This price scale was established according to several factors among which the tour duration, the  potential drive time or the period of the year. 

Therefore a special event can explain an increase of price.

Nevertheless, I remain at your disposal to discuss the price depending on your wishes. Do not hesitate to contact me.


The prices are indicated in euros.   

According to the programm the price can be increased on the  following situations : 

  •   Additional hour

An additional 30 euros can be invoiced when asked during the service and on last minute by the client.  Every started hour is dued. 

  •   Guide's meal 

For over 5 hours tours,  if the guide's meal is not included by the group, an indemnity of 15 euros can be invoiced. 

  •   Travel expenses

For every departures situated at more than 90 km (56 miles) ou 1 hour away from the guide's home (aka Loriol sur Drôme), an additional 30 euros can be invoiced. 

For more information, please consult here our general terms of sales (in french).

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